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Hands-on experiences in AI's application to content creation, emphasizing ethical practices.

History Reimagined

Bring history to life with AI tools, creating dynamic exhibits, reenactments, and media.

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Use The Prompt Crafting Advisor, a GPT tool, for clear, specific, and goal-aligned AI prompting in business. Plus Discover Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar's insights in the GPT store.

We're excited to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Google for Startups Cloud Program, which provides startups like us with the resources needed to build confidently and quickly on Google Cloud. Plus, as an AI startup, we get even more benefits.Stay tuned.

TulipAI is led by Davar Ardalan

Davar Ardalan specializes in combining AI tools and media as well as delivering captivating immersive storytelling projects.Ardalan's expertise extends to voice AI and its pivotal role in safeguarding wisdom, nature, history, and culture. In March 2022, she was featured in the New York Times for this work. Ardalan is also a member of the AI for Good Brain Trust.Her pioneering work at IVOW AI, along with engagements at AI for Good, Voice2022, and over 50 tech summits, showcases her thought leadership.Ardalan's impressive journey encompasses serving as Executive Producer at National Geographic, Deputy Director at the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowship Program, and Executive Director of "Freedom Speaks," a groundbreaking Amazon Alexa voice AI initiative developed in collaboration with Women in Voice to amplify the voice of resilient Iranian women past and present.With a distinguished background in journalism, including a remarkable tenure at NPR News spanning two decades, she has garnered esteemed recognition such as the NABJ, Webby, and Anthem Awards. Ardalan's advocacy for cultural unity earned her the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor.Davar's strategic leadership style has led her to spearhead immersive storytelling campaigns, manage national and international broadcasts, and consistently develop compelling stories within budget and deadlines. With experience in AI technologies and a distinguished media career, Davar provides effective solutions.

Collaborating AI Scientists:

Dr. Reza Moradinezhad

Dr. Reza Moradinezhad is a Computer Science Professor at Drexel University College of Computing and Informatics, where he also received his PhD in Computer Science. Reza is passionate about designing trustworthy and effective interaction techniques for Human-AI collaboration. His research focuses on how humans build trust toward Embodied Virtual Agents (EVAs). He has collaborated with MIT Media Lab, CMU HCII, Harvard University, and UCSD, publishing in venues such as Springer Nature, ACM, and IEEE. Reza has been recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer by ACM ICMI 2019 and ACM CHI 2021. His work has been featured by multiple news outlets including The Next Web, TechXplore, and CBS News. As a collaborator and AI Architect with TulipAI, Reza works across a multidisciplinary team of researchers, technologists, and media professionals, all working towards a common goal of delivering exceptional AI solutions.

TulipAI Advisor

Dr. Fernando Gonzalez

Dr. Fernando Gonzalez is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Computing and Software Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1997. He earned his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Florida International University, Miami Florida, USA in 1992 and 1989. Dr. Gonzalez has worked at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas, the U.S. Department of Energy at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Gonzalez research interest includes intelligent agents for the Semantic Web, the intelligent control of large scale autonomous systems, autonomous vehicles, discrete-event modeling and simulation and human signature verification.

What is it like to work with Davar?

“Few humans are as far ahead of the tech community as Davar Ardalan in understanding and making accessible the criticality and value of pairing story, memory, culture, diversity with data/ai projects.”Carrie Jaquith, Global Head of Product Abaxx Technologies

“Thanks Davar Ardalan for inspiring #womeninai and #womenintech, and striving to preserve #culturalai 🙌 Your contributions to our communities are invaluable 🎉”Bhuva Shakti, Chief Ethics & Culture Officer Women in AI

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Davar on a pilot spatial audio series, where she oversaw the use of ambisonic microphones in the field. I took one of these microphones to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and Davar's expertise and guidance were invaluable. Her deep understanding of spatial audio's potential elevated the final production, creating an immersive and resonant narrative.”Kiliii Yuyan, National Geographic Explorer

“With a background at NPR, National Geographic, and Women in Voice, Davar excels in crafting immersive auditory experiences that merge compelling narratives with cutting-edge technology. Her trailblazing research in spatial audio adds depth and presence, forging a profound connection between listeners and nature. Ardalan's contributions inspire new generations of storytellers, reshaping our engagement with the power of sound.”Cheryl Ottenritter, Ott House Audio

"Davar championed our work, ensuring that the importance of 'Into the Depths' was recognized at every level. Thanks to her strategic guidance, the podcast became a pioneering force in National Geographic's coverage of this complex history. It led to a cover story in the esteemed National Geographic magazine, marking the first time an African-American woman explorer, namely myself, appeared on the cover in its 134 year history."Tara Roberts, 2022 Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year

Our AI Guidelines

TulipAI recognizes the profound implications of AI's potential to undermine confidence in media and journalism. Consequently, as part of our R&D work, our commitment to upholding ethical standards in its deployment is unwavering. Our AI principles at TulipAI are straightforward, echoing a transparent purpose and vision. As technology and our grasp of it evolve, we remain receptive to refining these principles.AI Content Ethics at TulipAI:
We prioritize the ethical integrity of content crafted by our AI. With rigorous oversight, we routinely evaluate our methodologies. Such measures not only fortify trust from our users but also preemptively address potential pitfalls stemming from unforeseen AI outcomes.
Diversity: The Cornerstone of AI Development:
The essence of AI hinges on its data and its creators. Acknowledging this, TulipAI champions the inclusion of a multifaceted team spanning diverse origins to the best of our ability. This strategy helps circumvent inadvertent biases in AI narratives while fostering a system that is adaptive, empathetic, and encompassing.
Commitment to Transparency:
It's imperative to clearly denote AI-driven contributions at every interface. This can be achieved either by prominently featuring the TulipAI AI-assisted emblem or appending "AI-assisted content" in Italics to the content's conclusion. Furthermore, we're spearheading an initiative in the next year for audio watermarking to distinctly label AI-generated audio in future endeavors.

At TulipAI, we leverage AI tools to support us in content creation and summarization, and we maintain a fact-checking process for all AI-generated materials.

Commitment to Environment

We are conscious of the environmental ramifications of training large language models (LLMs).
The 2023 research paper "Making AI Less Thirsty" discusses the considerable water footprint associated with AI models.
One significant finding is that training GPT-3 in Microsoft's U.S. data centers could lead to the evaporation of 700,000 liters of clean freshwater.
At TulipAI, our commitment is to reduce the environmental footprint of our offerings as we continue to advance:Our beta app enters dormant state after 5 minutes of inactivity.
We shut down the endpoint serving LLM model when not in use.

Privacy Policy

TulipAI is committed to protecting privacy throughout our research and development activities. Our case studies utilize open-source data, and the feedback we receive is exclusively from a select group of individuals who have agreed to participate. Our AI trainings are conducted through third parties, ensuring that we do not directly collect any personal information from participants.The data we handle is used to develop AI models, analyze their effectiveness, and generate insights that guide our research direction. We maintain strict confidentiality of all data, sharing it with research partners only in anonymized form and as required by law or for research purposes.We implement robust security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse. Although we do not collect personal information directly, we uphold the principles of data integrity and privacy protection across all our operations.For updates to our practices or any concerns, please contact us at Davar@Tulipai.co. We will continue to post any changes to this privacy policy on our website, indicating the latest update date.

Why Tulips:

Tulips embody a spirit of resilience, adaptability, creativity, and synchronized growth in nature, inspiring us with their innovative qualities.

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